Our Boler Pre-Reno

When we got home, we quickly got to work.

First up, seeing if it fits in our garage. We knew it would be close, and we need it to fit inside the garage door so that we could lift it and work on it rain or shine. Thankfully, it fits, with about 3 millimetres to spare!

The downside of this means my Subaru is now parked on the street.  Well, until winter when I fully intend to claim the other garage space and kick G and his 4Runner outside.

Here are the pre-reno photos:

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2 thoughts on “Our Boler Pre-Reno

  1. This is absolutely fabulous! Congrats to you..and if you need any inspiration, there was an amazing programme here on UK tv all about small style renovations I think you’d love – think you can find it on you tube – George Clark’s amazing spaces.. xxxxx


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