The Cushions & Curtains

As a child, I was forced to take sewing lessons, so I do have very basic sewing skills and I do own a sewing machine. However, basic may even be an overstatement of my skills. And I really don’t enjoy sewing – in fact G has learned to sew his own clothes because I am notorious for not getting around to do it myself.

So, when we determined that we needed to recover the old original cushions (see below), this meant we had to find someone who could recover the cushions. And ideally at a decent price.

Original Cushions and Curtains

Original Cushions and Curtains

We drove past a local Fabricland one day, and noticed that the outdoor fabrics were on sale. The sale was rather substantial. So, we decided to buy our favourite fabrics for the cushions. We figured we needed to get the fabric even though we had no idea how to actually sew the new covers ourselves.

So, G calculated how much material we would need and we set out to pick out our favourite materials. As we weren’t positive about the long term color of the Boler, we decided to play up the original avocado green. I picked the solid and boring green for the seats. G picked the patterned and vibrant print for the seat backs.

Coincidentally, a wonderful lady shopping in the store happened to over-hear my husband and I talking. She offered to do the sewing for us for an amazing price – $220 + materials (i.e. thread, zippers, and fabric. Yes you read that correctly, she only charged us $220!!! The materials were more expensive! Anyone who knows about sewing this amount of cushion covers, will tell you this was a steal of a deal. We expected this part of our reno to cost us about $1000, so we were thrilled to be able to have this done for such an affordable price.  And, as an added bonus she made us a few extra pillows out of the extra material.  She was such a sweet heart, and we are so thankful for her!

At the same time, I decided to take on the task of sewing the curtains myself. I figured, how had can it be to sew straight lines? Even I should be able to make rectangular shapes. So I measured the old ones, picked out a black-out material that matched the materials we already picked and set myself up at the kitchen table for a week.

So, with relatively little expense and only a bit of frustration on my behalf, here is the end product that we absolutely love:


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