A Boler Bedside Table

One thing that drives me slightly mad while camping is having somewhere to put my glasses. At home I have a nightstand to put my glasses on, while camping this is missing. The end result is that while camping my glasses are not in a safe and predictable location. And for someone as blind as me, that predictable location is almost a necessity.

Last summer while using our Boler for its inaugural summer we discovered we were throwing a lot of things haphazardly on the counter at night – car keys, Boler keys, glasses, flashlights, etc. I like to be able to quickly reach my glasses in the morning (or the middle of the night if nature calls) to ensure I can see before attempting to stand up, and I was left unsure of where they were. The disorganized approach to last summer was not working for either G or I, so we came up with a quick fix that was relatively cheap, looks pretty good, matches our kitchen interior perfectly and was decently easy to install.

20141027 - Prettying Up The Kitchen_1I went back to Ikea without G because he’s just not a fan of the Ikea shopping experience. I bought a few more of the avocado green containers and another bar (the FINTORP line of products) to hang from the side of the closet. Before we hung the bar we made sure that it was high enough that neither one of us will hit our heads on it when we go to sit down at the kitchen table, but yet not too high as we need to reach it while sitting on the bed.

For the kitchen we cut the bar to the exact size wanted using an angle grinder with a metal cutting disk.  This time we smartened up and used a pipe cutter. The cut edge is much cleaner, and so it was much easier to insert the end covers at the end.

20150605 - A Boler Bedside Table_3

We attached the hanging pieces to the closet wall with simple screws and used the newly added closet wood support structure to screw into.

20150605 - A Boler Bedside Table_1It was a bit of pain to get the support structures to fit snugly, but with a few minutes of finagling and a couple taps of a hammer we made it work.

20150605 - A Boler Bedside Table_2So after one trip to Ikea and about 15 minutes of effort, we have a cute place to hang a reading lamp and a great place to securely put my glasses.

20150605 - A Boler Bedside Table_4

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