Another Summer of Bolering

Last summer I thought I’d be able to work full time, take care of an infant, camp, and maintain our Boler blog.  It turns out, I couldn’t.  Truth be told, I still don’t know how we managed to work full time and fit in two camping trips with an infant last summer!

But, this year, I truly think I can do it!  In large part because our infant is no longer an infant.  A is now 18 months old and everything seems just a little bit easier now that we are out of the infant fog.

After doing absolutely no Boler renovations/improvements last year, I’m optimistic that this year we should have enough energy to do a few things.  In fact, we have a bit of a to-do list that we are currently planning to attack:

  • Hopefully installing a truck box on the front of the Boler.
  • Maybe adding some mud flaps.
  • Hopefully finding a real fridge for the Boler (our current icebox is absolutely useless and was just a complete waste of money).
  • Probably purchasing new tires.

And of course, we have a few camping trips planned.  I suspect A will love camping this summer, as his favourite place to be is outside.

It should be fun!!

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Camping with a Baby

To some, probably long time parents, camping with a child has become routine – where to go, what to pack, how to spend your days, these things are all pretty simple.  For us, it’s an entirely new experience, so nothing is routine.  At least not yet.

In a few weeks we are going to venture out for the first time as a family of 3 + 1 dog.  So, it’s time to start getting prepared.  This weekend we intend to pull out the Boler and do a once over – make sure everything is working (i.e. battery is charged, propane tank is full, etc.)  And, we also plan to make sure the basics are still packed away safety where we left it all last fall (i.e. awning, stove, dishes, etc.).  And I’ll probably start packing up some of the other basics that we store in the house through the winter (i.e. blankets, food, campfire clothing, etc.)

But, as I’m thinking about what I need to start packing, I’m already realizing just how much camping is going to change for us.  First off, how the heck do you fit all the baby stuff in the vehicle/Boler?  What stroller should we bring?  For that matter should we even bring a stroller, or should we just rely on our backpack carrier?  What about storing baby food and formula for multiple days?  How many toys are actually needed?  And how does one bath a baby in the woods?  Something tells me that’s going to be a requirement since baby will likely get pretty dirty spending so much time outside.  But, I also suspect it will be a hilarious site for neighbouring campers.

And, what do the adults do when the baby naps?  In the past we’ve become accustomed to spending our camping days on the go – we love to hike and go fishing. But, I don’t think any 20+ kilometer hikes are in our near future.  Nor are full days of fishing.  We can and will still do both of these activities, but in much smaller time allotments).  Needless to say, I think we are going to have to learn to slow down and enjoy the campsite.

Our main goal for the next few years of camping is simply to introduce Baby A to the outdoors and hopefully start laying the foundation for a shared love of nature.  So, with that in mind, I need to prepare the Boler for a laid back baby friendly camping trip.  Hopefully it goes well!

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Ops! We Disappeared, But Are Back Now!

During the Canadian winter we don’t have much to say about our Boler, simply because we aren’t using it.  Once the temperature drops off and the snow falls the Boler finds itself tucked nicely into our garage for the winter (it fits in our garage with about 5 mm of clearance).  Once away for the winter, it becomes a storage spot for all thing camping until the spring.


Well, it’s spring again!  So, we are looking to take the Boler out for some fun.  But, that also means we need time to do some more work on it.  We have a few small projects we want to complete on it this year – the addition of a tongue chest box on the front of the trailer to hold the battery and a propane tank.  And as an added bonus it will also act as a rock guard.  We bought it last year, so it’s time to attach it.  In addition we’d love to find a new vent for the top of the Boler, this way we can replace the old one that leaks a little bit.  BUT, we want to be able to continue parking the Boler in our garage so it must be a low profile vent cover – this could be hard to find.

But, even more importantly, this summer we have to figure out how to safely use our Boler with our 90lbs dog and our new baby!  Yes, that’s right, we have a little one to join in our camping fun – A.  We are ever cautious about leaving A and dog together, so we aren’t quite sure how to have the four of us sleeping in the Boler.  We are looking for ideas.  Right now we are thinking, dog on the ground in the middle (as per normal).  G on the couch. L and A on the bed.  A will be tucked into the side so that L separates baby and dog.  BUT, we also aren’t co-sleepers.  So, how do we do this while keeping baby safe at night?  We are thinking of buying a Dockatot Grand.  But at nearly $420 it seems a little steep.

Anyways, we do have a few camping trips booked for the summer, so we need to figure it out sooner rather then later!  I’ll be sure to update once we figure out a plan.

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