Boler Tires – Part 2

Our new tires arrived and have been installed.  It’s sure nice to know that we are now rolling on decent tires without a giant crack running down the centre of one of them!

We really like the original Boler hubcaps so we elected to continue using the old rims, even thought hey are rusted.

The arrival of the new tires means our Boler is now sitting on the ground just as it should be.  And soon enough, we’ll be on the road heading towards the Rocky Mountains.

Up next, the on going battery saga which may or may not be solved before our this years first camping trip.

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Boler Tires – Part 1

Every year we start the camping season by doing a once over of the Boler.  We check to make sure we have power (we don’t – more on that once G figures out the problem), we check our tire pressure, we check to make sure all our camping supplies are ready to go, etc.

Clearly, this year we determined that we have a few fixes to take care of before we hit the road and before we tackle the rest of our to-do list.

This is the current state of our Boler:

There’s actually a bit of a storey as to why our Boler currently looks like this.  The other day, my brother was forced to stop in our City for a few hours while they waited for Canadian Tire to fix a tire.  Their trailer (not a Boler) blew a tire.  And in doing so that tire also shredded through their kitchen cupboard, pluming, electrical, etc.  In the end, they have multiple thousands of dollars worth of repairs to do to their trailer.  (I should mention, they bought it second hand just over a week ago.  Needless to say they are not happy).

Anyways, since we got our Boler a few years ago we kept saying we needed to replace the tires as we are pretty sure they are original tires.  And we kept putting it off, simply because we were putting money into other things.  Needless to say, seeing my brother’s family parked in a Canadian Tire Parking lot for hours on a hot summer afternoon, officially motivated us to bite the bullet and replace our tires before we experience their plight.

Taking off the existing tires turned out to be a bit more challenging then expected.  It turns out we we lost the tire wrench for the Boler (or maybe we never had one?).  Both G and I just assumed it was in the Boler, but it turns out it was nowhere to be found.  So, after searching high and low, G improvised.  Given this, we thought it would be wise to buy a new one to store in the Boler just in case we need to use the spare tire and we aren’t parked in our garage.

And once we took off the tires, we saw this:

Needless to say, its a VERY good thing we replaced the tires NOW!

While we hope to never have to use the spare tire, we were pretty quick to realize that we’d prefer to have a working spare tire.  So, we are replacing all 3 tires.  $500 later, 3 new tires are on order, and we are hoping they arrive soon so that we can get out camping in the beautiful weather.

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